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Maison de Radio-France In Paris

The Maison de Radio France was created by Henry Bernard and inaugurated on 14th December 1963 and is home to Radio France plus the Musee de Radio-France.

The cylindrical building, which is like a ball cut in half, has a circumference of 500m and a tower that is 68m high and with its glass and aluminium architecture, it represents another one of the important modern buildings designed in post war Paris.

Located near to the Eiffel Tower, the building overlooks the River Seine and
Is situated in 16th Arrondissement of Paris and is also near to the Pont de Grenelle where there is a smaller version of the Statue of Liberty.

Maison Radio-France

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Maison de Radio-France In Paris

Today, this magnificent building is still home to the offices and studio of the national radio service called Radio France, as well as having a museum wing that has without a doubt the finest collection of sound and picture machines within Europe.

The Maison de Radio-France museum in Paris retraces the history of radio and television and the recording of sound, from its origins and from the very earliest experiments by almost all of the important physicists and inventors that were responsible for bringing radio into existence. There are even some re-constructions of laboratories that were used by the scientific minds of people such as Marconi and Hertz.

You will be able to see lots of the very old appliances with some rare items like crystal receivers and the 1793 Chappe telegraph, plus there is a great collection of televisions and radios along with other aspects of radio waves, right up to the present times with satellite communications.

As well as these types of exhibit on display, you will also get to see photographs, manuscripts along with audio and visual displays of documents and other interesting exhibits that illustrate just how much the world has changed through this communication medium in little over a century.

There is a guided tour that lasts approximately one hour and the guides will often be able to show a working crystal receiver and demonstrate exactly how they were to work, which is really interesting and these are conducted at various times during the day.

There are also numerous concerts that are held at The Maison de Radio-France, which can include orchestras, opera, jazz, etc and the concerts are broadcast live or sometimes taped for later use and these are open to the public, but you do sometimes have an awfully long wait to get in!

The Musee de Radio-France is a fascinating place to visit, but it is undergoing some renovations right up until 2012, so it is advisable to check when they are open prior to turning up!

It is usually open from a Monday to Friday with the first tour starting at 10.30am and the last one of the day starting at 4.30pm, but due to the renovations, again it is advisable to check first prior to turning up!

It is always closed at a weekend and on national holidays unless there is a special event organised.   

Address & Contact Details:

Musee de Radio-France
116 Avenue du Pr?sident Kennedy

Telephone: 42 30 33 83

Maison de Radio-France

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