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Mus?e Bourdelle Museum

The Musee Bourdelle is dedicated to Emile Antoine Bourdelle who was born in 1861 and came from Montauban, which is a place near Toulouse.

In the year 1885 he moved to Paris to continue his training and establish himself there as an expressionist sculptor and he remained in this area of France until his death in 1929.

It was within the Montparnasse district of Paris that Bourdelle lived and worked and the artist Auguste Rodin became a great admirer of his work.  So in 1893 Antoine Bourdelle joined Rodin as his assistant.

Bourdelle Museum

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Mus?e Bourdelle Museum In Paris France

Bourdelle soon became a popular teacher, both at Rodin's place and at his own studio, where many future prominent artists attended his classes.

And for more than forty years he produced most of his major works in his workshops, becoming one of the 20th century pioneers of monumental sculpture, which we now have the pleasure of being able to visit.

You will be able to find the Musee Bourdelle in a small street between the Gare Montparnasse and the offices of Le Monde, the famous French newspaper in the 15th Arrondissement of Paris.

The museum was inaugurated back in 1949 to display Emile Antoine Bourdelle's works and preserve the complete site where he had resided all those years ago, but in 1992 there was an extension added.  Designed by Christian de Portzamparc, the extension enabled the museum to display all of Bourdelle's work and so now it is even more complete.

For all to view are absolutely hundreds of different statues in bronze, marble and plaster, along with paintings, pastels, and sketches.  Plus this museum also includes the personal collection of Bourdelle, which occupies the workshop, residence and gardens of the museum that you can wander round at your leisure.

He enjoyed studying Beethoven and you will able to see this amongst the many exhibits on display, which gives you a greater impact on the genious that Emile Antoine Bourdelle was.

Within the collection it also includes a casting of probably one of his most famous pieces, the Dying Centaur.

The museum exhibits are displayed in such a way as to give a feel for not just the artist, but also how diverse Bourdelle was, including cardboard frescos that were designed for the Champs Elysees Theatre.  Although it seems as though there is not always enough information with the exhibits to provide a complete picture.

The museum does also hold temporary exhibitions, so there is always something different to view alongside the permanent exhibition.
And if booked in advance, it is possible to have guided tours, lectures or to arrange a special tour for the disabled, but in general visits for all the family are available from a Tuesday through to a Sunday.

There are also activity workshops available both for adults and children, which are available on specific dates or by booking prior, however, please note that this museum is closed on Monday's and opens from 10am, closing at 6pm on all other days.

Address & Contact Details:

18 Rue Antoine Bourdelle

Telephone: 1 49 54 73 73

Mus?e Bourdelle Museum

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