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Musée Dapper Museum

The museum is named after Olfert Dapper, the XVIIth century Dutch author who wrote one of the first books on Africa and was originally situated inside a hôtel particulier at 50 Avenue Victor Hugo but in the year 2000 this all changed.

The museum has expanded moving to a new location, and even though the surroundings are totally different, it is now organised into eight sections that are shown in a space over two times the size of the original museum.

Musee Dapper is situated in the 16th Arrondissement of Paris, and its collection of African art is one of the richest and most interesting in France.

Dapper Museum

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Musée Dapper Museum In Paris France

The Dapper Foundation was originally established in 1983 in Amsterdam and opened as a museum in 1986 in Paris by showing only around two to three African art exhibitions each year and is dedicated to the preservation of pre-colonial African art.

The architect Alain Moatti designed the Musee Dapper.  It exhibits visual and performing arts from Africa, African-American communities, The Caribbean, along with other artists of African origin, such as those from Latin-America.

The museum continues to strive to obtain works from the pre-colonial African period, which include, but is not limited to, paintings and objets d'art and this allows the visitors to discover the wonderful richness of Africa's past through mediums such as music, dance, theatre, art, photography etc.

The entrance has been beautifully designed in warm colours and leads the visitor over an authentic boat gangway, made of wood, which is suspended above an open basement that has a cafe and bookshop.

You will feel like you are stepping out of one extreme of civilisation into another, which was the whole idea of the renovation, with every sculpture and object flooded with special lighting to enhance the experience further.

But as well as promoting the arts of Africa, the Musee Dapper has now been extended to cover other cultural aspects of the African Continent, such as when they provided an exhibition on animals.

For students, researchers and historians, this is a place you will love as there is a library that contains over five thousand books, magazines, pictures and more.  Whereas the younger generation, especially children from the age of 9 upwards can enjoy story-telling sessions on a Wednesday, or every day of the week during school holiday times.

Yet one of the most innovative ideas put into this museum was the new space, which is a wood-panelled performance hall with 190 seats, that allow for presentations and conferences and is a perfect setting for lively displays of music, theatre and dance.

The Musee Dapper also holds workshops for children, especially catering for the nine to twelve year old.

This fascinating museum is open every day of the week except for Tuesdays from 11am through to 7pm and has on average two different exhibitions each year.

Address & Contact Details:

35 Rue Paul Valéry

Telephone: 1 45 00 91 75

Musée Dapper Museum

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