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Musee de la Monnaie Museum In Paris

The Musee de la Monnaie is actually the museum of the French Mint and Treasury and is situated in the historic Palais Conti and includes exhibits of historical documents, obviously money and coins, but also medals along with other items such as prints and paintings that all relate to the making of money and medals.

The museum itself was only founded back in 1988, but the actual Monnaie de Paris is one of the oldest French institutions and there is an official statement that dates back to around the 860's which confirms this.

Monnaie Museum

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Musee de la Monnaie Museum In Paris

The Monnaie de Paris was first established at the Palais de la Cit? but was relocated to the right bank in the Marais area, and then on the Rue de la Monnaie, but eventually under King Louis XV, the Mint was transferred to the Left Bank of the River Seine to its current site in Paris

It is located in a beautiful Paris monument that was re-done in the18th century and was the former Hotel de Conti or Palais Conti and has the largest facade on the River Seine.

As well as a tour of the museum itself with how the mint has developed through the ages, you can also have a guided tour of the Monnaie workshops where you can see the craftsmen and engravers creating medals.  But you can also have what is called an architectural tour of the Palais Conti, and this includes a unique visit of the reception halls and other aspects of this impressive building.

The museum itself was a cost of 5€ when we last checked in 2008 yet it was free for children under the age of sixteen, but the workshop and architectural tours are an additional cost and these guided tours are only available at specific times and on specific days, also only by prior appointment.

And even though there is the history of the French money, ancient coins, etc, displayed in the Musee de la Monnaie, there are also displays of coins from around the world along with lots of different historical machines and devices for producing currency.

But if you are a student or researcher then this museum in Paris has absolutely incredible archives and a library with a wealth of resources that includes more than 24,000 printed documents and over 98,000 publications, which are available to view by prior appointment.

There are also events held for children from creating their own medal, to parties and discovery tours into the history and the world of money and making money!  Yet, again, these do have to be booked in advance.

The museum itself is open on a Tuesday to Friday from 11am through to 5.30pm and at a weekend it is open from noon until 5.30pm, however, it is closed on a Monday.

The boutique is actually open on a Monday to Friday from 10am through to 6.15pm, but is closed on a Saturday and Sunday.

The Musee de la Monnaie holds a remarkable collection of coins and medals that shows the history of France right through from before the Renaissance period even up to the present day Euro, but not only does it have exhibitions, but also conducts private sales and sales for collectors of coins and medals from around the world.

Address & Contact Details:

Mus?e de la Monnaie
11 Quai de Conti

Telephone: 1 40 46 55 33

Monnaie Museum In Paris

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