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Musée de la Poste Museum In Paris France

The Musée de la Poste, is a museum that is dedicated to the postal service through the transportation and the communication in the written form, and you can no doubt guess that it is dedicated to the French postal service and its heritage, although it's broader spectrum incorporates the world postal system with air mail and other facilities that we have come to know.

The museum was first opened in 1946 and was situated within the former Hôtel Choiseul Praslin in Roman Holy Street, that dated back to the beginning of the 18th century in the 6th arrondissement of Paris, however, over the years the collection was constantly growing and eventually the space needed for the museum was not large enough and the Musée de la Poste had to move to far larger premises. 

Musee de la Poste

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Musée de la Poste Museum In Paris France

Eventually inaugurated in 1973 in its new home, the Musée de la Poste is still situated in the Montparnasse area in the 14th arrondissement of Paris. 

You will be able to experience the history of the postal service from the mail carriages to letter boxes and the uniforms and the progression of the postal service over the years.  There is a vast collection of French stamps, and the Musée de la Poste is the perfect place for any stamp collector or philatelist to visit and experience the old and the rare that you may never see again in your life.

The Museum also holds lots of different items from the postal service such as calendars, postcards, road guides, books produced by the postal service and itineraries, along with archives and even works of contemporary art.

Also on display in this postal museum, you will be able to see French stamps that date as far back as 1849, along with specific printing machines for stamps and even one of the balloons that was used to send mail out of Paris during the siege of 1870.

The Musée de La Poste is a joy to visit and by detailing the history of the post service and the old methods of communication in an interesting way, it will provide you with a lasting impression of how technology has changed things in the world we live in today, but makes you appreciate what lengths some people went to, just to get the mail delivered in the past.

The Musée de La Poste is also able to provide lectures, educational activities, films and workshops for both children and adults.  As well as these that can be booked, guided tours can also be arranged in different languages to learn more about the French postal service and its history.  And as well as the permanent collection, the museum also has temporary exhibitions that it organises throughout the year and these are on specific themes during the time of the postal service.

The museum also has a shop that includes the practical information we would need to use the postal service today, but also has numerous other uses and is a great place for stamp collectors to visit.  But you can also purchase stationary, books and gifts on virtually anything you can think of that relates to the postal service.   The shop is open from Monday to Friday from 10am through to 6pm, and on a Saturday it is open from 10am to 12.30pm and from 2pm until 6pm and is closed on a Sunday.

There is also a library and photographic library on site, but these are only open by appointment from a Monday to Thursday and you would need to telephone 1 42 79 24 15 for the library and 1 42 79 24 16 for the photographic library to arrange an appointment.

The Musée de La Poste is also open on a Monday to a Saturday from 10am through to 6pm and again, but is closed on a Sunday's and French national holidays.

Address & Contact Details:

Musée de La Poste
34 Boulevard de Vaugirard

Telephone: 1 42 79 24 24 or 1 42 79 23 00

Musée de la Poste Museum

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