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Musée National Eugène Delacroix Museum In Paris

The Musée National Eugène Delacroix is situated in the heart of St-Germain-des-Prés area in the Quartier Latin of Paris and is dedicated to the painter Ferdinand-Victor-Eugène Delacroix.

Ferdinand-Victor-Eugene Delacroix normally just known as Eugène Delacroix was born on 26th April 1798 in Charenton-St-Maurice, France and in 1815 he became the pupil of the French painter Pierre-Narcisse Guerin and hence began his painting career.

In 1822 Eugène Delacroix submitted his first picture to the important Paris Salon exhibition, but impressed by English painters like John Constable, he visited England in 1825 and toured galleries, visited theatres and observed the English culture, which gave him inspiration and a lasting impression.

Eugene Delacroix

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Musee National Eugene Delacroix Museum In Paris

Between the years of 1827 through to 1832 Eugène Delacroix seemed to produce one masterpiece after another and in 1833 he was commissioned to paint a group of murals for the King's chamber at the Palais Bourbon and from then on he continued to do this type of painting until 1861, which even included panels for the Louvre and for the Museum of History at Versailles.

All of the decors that this incredible artist produced are still within their original sites except for a ceiling sketch that is now on show in the Musée Carnavalet, but unfortunately his health suffered badly through this type of architectural painting work, as it involved long hours, often in awkward positions on scaffolding in draughty buildings and he eventually died on 13th August 1863 and he is buried in the Père Lachaise Cemetery.

Eugène Delacroix produced over 800 paintings, numerous drawings, murals and other works during his career and is counted as being one of the great and influential French painters.  He was often classified as an artist of the Romantic school, his fantastic use of colour has been a great influence to many impressionist painters and even some more modern artists like Pablo Picasso and through his dedication to his passion and career the museum eventually came about for everyone to be able to enjoy and appreciate this great artist.

The museum is situated within the home and workshop of Eugène Delacroix where he resided from December 1857 through to when he died in August 1863 and the French State purchased the apartment in 1954 so that it could be turned into the Musée National Eugène Delacroix and it became a national museum in 1971.

The museum occupies the studio, garden and apartment where Eugène Delacroix worked and resided, so that he could be close to Saint-Sulpice church where he had been commissioned to decorate Saint-Anges chapel.  And you will get the feeling from going through a large arch in the courtyard to the studio that this is from a well established gentleman, where you will be able to view watercolours and oil paintings, drawings, sketches and other works, his painting tools, plus lots of his personnel belongings.

In 1992 part of an apartment adjoining the rooms occupied by the painter was purchased and the museum then managed to have a new public area and an information room and eventually in 1999, the garden was renovated and features different trees that Eugène Delacroix loved.

The personal belongings within the museum even include memento's from his trips abroad along with letters to and from his contemporaries and even lithographs plus much of his early work.

Group tours can be provided upon request and the library and documentation centre, which includes more than 1,000 works and is still expanding is also open to researchers and students on a Monday, Thursday and Friday by prior arrangement through contacting the museum on Tel 1 44 41 86.

The museum is always closed on a Tuesday and on national holidays but is open from 9.30am to 5pm from Wednesday through to Sunday.

Address & Contact Details:

Musée National Eugène Delacroix
6 Rue de Furstenberg

Telephone: 1 44 41 86 50

Musee National Eugene Delacroix Museum In Paris France

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