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Musée Maillol Museum

The Foundation Dina Vierny - Musée Maillol is dedicated to the sculptor, woodworker and artist, Aristide Maillol and was founded by Dina Vierny his model in 1995.

This museum is situated in the 7th Arrondissement of Paris in a townhouse nestled between boutiques and antique shops and is a collection of hardly known works from 20th century artists, plus the entire collection from Aristide Maillol.

Born in 1861, Aristide Maillol had a lifelong fixation of young, nude women, casting his creations in bronze, and with his conviction to detail plus the passion in which he presented his works, you will be able to find his sculptures dotted all over France, and through his tremendous efforts and dedication he is mentioned considerably within art books and museums.

Maillol Museum

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Musée Maillol Museum In Paris France

Maillol first met Dina Vierny when his was already 73 year old and at that time she was only 15 years of age.  But for the next ten years she became his model and provided him with a tremendous amount of inspiration for his sculptures, plus she uncannily resembled the face and body of the female figure he had already been sculpting for years. 

The two of them had a very close relationship and it was Dina Vierny who had posed for Maillol with his most successful works, but she also posed for some of his contemporaries, such as Matisse. 

And although his bronze works of female nudes have the same sensual strength of some of Rodin's works, they are more serene and Maillol is now often known as one of the first modern sculptors.

Dina Vierny had always been interested in art and had a great career as an art dealer and also collected art herself.  And it was after Mallol's death in 1944 that she decided to set up The Foundation Dina Vierny - Musée Maillol, which is a small but very manageable museum housing around 400 of the works of Aristide Maillol, but also 20th century paintings that Vierny had collected herself.

But the museum did not come about until 1995 after her long successful career. And although there are the permanent exhibits on display, such as the large bronze called La Méditerranée, there are also changing displays from Dina's collection of art and you could even get to see works by people like Renoir.

The temporary exhibitions are adventurous with unique themes and are always interesting with a different point of view.

The Musee Maillol exhibits large collections of modern art with a wide range and diversity, which were put together by Dina Vierny, and fascinated by primitivism, Dina gathered an important collection of modern primitives, which are also shown in different displays.

Yet you cannot fail but to admire the beautiful architecture of this 18th century townhouse where the Musee Maillol is situated in the Latin Quarter of Paris, which Dina herself had restored to its former glory.

The museum is open from 11am through to 6pm except for Tuesday's and Sunday's when it is closed.

Address & Contact Details:

Fondation Dina Vierny - Musée Maillol
61 Rue de Grenelle

Telephone: 1 42 22 59 58

Musée Maillol Museum

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