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Musee Orfila Museum In Paris
or Musee d'Anatomie Delmas-Orfila-Rouviere

The Musee d'Anatomie Delmas-Orfila-Rouviere is often known as Musee Orfila and is a museum of anatomy, which is the largest anatomy museum in France and since 1953 this museum has been housed in the vast exhibition halls and galleries on the eighth floor of the Faculty of Medicine.

Mathieu was appointed dean of the Faculty of Medicine of Paris in 1832 and was inspired by a collection of comparative anatomy and so in 1844 he established a museum that was named in honour and officially inaugurated in 1847, which he had expanded considerably from the original collection.

Musee Orfila Museum

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Musee Orfila Museum In Paris

There were around 4,500 items all documented and catalogued by the year 1881, but unfortunately, during the early part of the 20th century the museum lost many of its exhibits one way or another and there were only a few hundred item remaining that Charles Nicolas Houel had catalogued.

However, after World War II Professor Andre Delmas began the task of restoring and enlarging the Musee Orfila, when he also integrated a collection of Professor Henri Rouviere from the Musee Rouviere and hence why this French museum is now also known as the Musee d'Anatomie Delmas-Orfila-Rouviere.

It is situated in the 6th Arrondissement of Paris and now holds approximately 5,500 human and animal anatomical items including mouldings of livers, hearts and lungs, a preserved monkey, castings of brains which have accumulated throughout around two centuries, skulls, and exhibits that show stages of growth of the skeletal structure, plus numerous other exhibits that are too numerous to mention.

The Musee d'Anatomie Delmas-Orfila-Rouviere also includes exhibits known as the Spitzner collection, which is a famous set of anatomical wax models that date back to the 19th Century.

Unfortunately, this museum in Paris is only open by prior appointment, which you must arrange by telephone well in advance and is only open on a Tuesday and Thursday from 2pm through to 5pm.  It is closed on all other days including national holidays.

The nearest Metro station is the Saint Germain des Pr?s and you would need to take line 4 or alternatively it is only a short walk from the River Seine if you have opted to take the Batobus.  But this particular museum is very specialised and visited more by groups of students, historians and scientists for the quality of its varied and important exhibits.

Address & Contact Details:

Mus?e d'Anatomie Delmas-Orfila-Rouviere
Paris V Ren? Descartes University
45 Rue des Saints-P?res

Telephone: 1 42 86 20 47

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