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Parc Zoologique de Vincennes Near Paris

The Parc Zoologique de Vincennes is a traditional zoo and includes animals such as flamingos and giraffe, but the elephants and seals remain the most popular animals on display.

There are around 1400 animals that live within the confines of this 15 hectare zoo and the young children still take delight in getting to see these magnificent and beautiful animals up close.

Zool de Vincennes

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Parc Zoologique de Vincennes Paris France

It is often referred to as the Parc Zoologique de Paris or the Zoo de Vincennes and it is the largest public zoo in France and the country's national zoo.

The zoo was built to an innovative design like one in Hamburg and was officially opened to the public in 1934 and has become a favourite with Parisians who tend to make the place rather crowded at a weekend or through the children's holidays.

The Parc Zoologique de Vincennes is located in the 12th arrondissement of Paris, which is near to the Bois de Vincennes and if you were to climb up the 60 metre plus artificial rock within the zoo, known as the Grande Rocher, then you can get a great view of Paris as well as getting to see goats, sheep and vultures as well as other species.

The zoo has had improvements done over the years to try and keep it in the best possible conditions for the animals it houses, especially since a lot of the animals are endangered and they have always had the objectives of education and conservation.  Plus another main objective is for the reproduction of species that are threatened with extinction through the destruction of their habitat and there have been over 150 births at the zoo.

Having around 85 different species, there is even an area called Nocturama that allows the general public to get a great view of the night lemurs without disturbing them.

Also, you will be able to see deer, rhino, lions, gibbons, bats and monkeys, just to name a few more!  And during the summer months they are outdoors, but are housed inside in the winter months.

We would say that realistically, one of the best things about the Parc Zoologique de Vincennes is the fact that it is only a few metro stops from the centre of Paris and is a welcome break for the children, rather than being dragged round all the museums in Paris.  Yet, you can get to see endangered species that you may never see anywhere else, and of course, the more revenue they get, the more the zoo can continue with the conservation and reproduction program that they are continually striving for.

The zoo is open everyday from 9am through to 5pm during the winter months and from 9am to 6.00pm in the summer months, but on a Sunday it closes half an hour later and is free for any child under the age of 4.

Address & Contact Details:

Parc Zoologique de Vincennes
53 Avenue de Saint-Maurice

Telephone: 1 44 75 20 10

Parc Zoologique de Vincennes

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