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Paris Sud Aventure Ste Assisi

This is a treetop adventure park or forest activity park that is suitable for both adults and children from around the ages of four or five, providing they are over 1.1 metres in height.

This is an adventure theme park consists of different sequences of fun and varied activities within the trees, where you move from one fixed point to another, in an area that is especially laid out for the purpose and it will challenge you by being as hard and enduring as you wish it to be.

Aventure Ste Assisi

- Adventure Ste Assisi
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- Amusement Parks
- Map of Paris

Paris Sud Aventure Ste Assisi France

There are different courses that depend upon height and ability, which work their way up to the more extreme and daring, yet starting at only 1 meter above ground, they can go as high as 25 metres plus and incorporate things such as monkey bridges, zip lines, rope ladders, etc, but don't even bother booking this place if you don't like heights!

The company Adventure Adventure offers three acrobatic forest parks that are situated around the outskirts of Paris: The first is 20km to the West of Paris called the Paris Ouest Aventure, the second is 25km to the East of Paris, called Davy Crocketts Aventure and the third is around 40km to the South of Paris.

The Adventure Park South Paris otherwise known as Paris Sud Aventure Ste  Assisi is the oldest of the three parks, which is set on 12 hectares of a forest of oaks trees.

These are permanent forest adventure parks, rather than the mobile ones that you may come across whilst you are on holiday in France and they have to go through rigorous regulations and safety precautions.

With this point in mind, everyone wishing to go on the adventure trails will have a half an hour introduction course that is compulsory, to learn how to use the ropes and the safety equipment such as the harnesses that are provided for your safety and you can only progress to the next course if the trainers feels it is safe for you to do so.

The first route is the Discovery Route also known as the green route and is suitable for all members of the family from a height of 1.1 metres upwards.

This course has zip lines, monkey bridges, gateways and a mini Tarzan, and is the path for the novice or those (including the adults) that do not know how they will react to the challenges and the platforms are only up to around 2 metres off the ground.

The next course is the Family Course, which is a transition from the Discovery and into more adventure, reaching up to heights of 6 metres and provides swings, gateways, ropes, bridges, etc and is suitable for anyone over 1.25 metres in height.

Next on the list is Course Adventure where you leave the ground by a vertical ladder to reach the foliage and is very varied, but with not too much difficulty, yet you will get to heights up to 15 metres above the ferns!  There is even a 120 metre tyrolean zip that takes you back down to earth and this course is suitable for all people over 1.40 metres in height.

The next course is a red course, which is known as Course Sportsmanship and incorporates the strengths of an adventure trail whilst being much more physically demanding.

It is a journey in the middle of the most beautiful trees and takes you to heights of up to 17 metres where you will get some real adrenaline rushes, but it is far more physical and you will need strength and endurance, so definitely not for the feint hearted!

The final route is known as Course Adr?naline and is certainly only for those with a real passion for dare and adventure.  You will need to be in physically good shape but also absolutely love heights and speed - the tyrolean zip will whiz you back down to the ground at around 60 kilometres an hour over a distance of 255 metres!

Reservations are a must and it is advisable to book well in advance as they can only cater for a set amount of people at any one time.  If you are in a group, then booking at least a week but preferably two weeks in advance is recommended so as not to be disappointed and week days are obviously quieter than at weekends, but on quieter days that are out of season, last minute reservations are often possible for families.

The treetop adventure park is open virtually all year round, however, it does have to shut in certain circumstances such as in severe weather conditions, so it is also recommended to check prior to your arrival that you will be able to get the fun you are looking forward to.

For reservations you would need to phone and let them know the park of your choice, the date and time you require, the number of people in your group, your name, an e-mail address and a mobile phone number.

You would need to telephone 0825 150280 [€ 0.15 / min] or 06 88 62 26 37 or 06 08 71 87 65 and the normal opening times are from 9am or 10am (first start) to 4pm or 5pm for last departure in the high season and 1pm or 2pm for last departure in the low season.

If you are travelling there by car you would need to take the A6 motorway from Paris and take the exit no 12 St Fargeau Ponthierry, which is around 40 kilometres from Paris.

Address & Contact Details:

Paris Sud Aventure Ste Assise
Ch?teau de Sainte Assise
Route D?partementale 50
Seine Port

Telephone:  0825 150 280 - charged at € 0.15 / min

Paris Sud Aventure Ste Assisi - Adventure Park

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