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Playmobil Fun Park Near Paris France

The Playmobil Fun Park is an ideal place to take your young children, especially if it is a miserable, rainy day and they will love nothing better than racing around actually playing with the playmobil toys that are still as popular today as they were when they were first produced back in the 1970's.

There are twelve different play areas within the Playmobil Fun Park, which cover an area of 2000 square metres and one of these is even reserved for the very young children of between 18 to 36 months.

Playmobil Fun Park

- Playmobil Fun Park
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- Amusement Parks
- Map of Paris

Playmobil Fun Park Near Paris France

The entrance is very cheap at only a maximum of 2 Euros and under three years of age is completely free to enter, and the children will have a choice of running wild within areas with themes such as the farm, wild animals, pirates, a zoo, vikings, etc.  But you will be pleased to know that there is also a caf? for those quick bites and a restaurant, called Dans les Nuages for the parents that just want to relax!

For the older children there is a vehicle circuit in winter time, which is transformed into a pond for boats in summer time and there is even a section geared specifically for construction, but it is really designed for the younger children, as teenagers are likely to get bored very quickly.

There is of course a shop on site, and you will be able to find everything possible within the Playmobil range, but you could end up spending a lot of money with your children nagging you, especially if they know that there is a small discount available with your ticket - be warned and be careful!

The Playmobil Fun Park is located only around 12 kilometres from Paris in a place called Fresnes in the Val de Marne Department and is North of Orly Airport at the junction of the A6/A86 and is easy to reach with no long journeys for your youngsters.

The young children will definitely have the time of their lives and call it paradise, but it really depends upon how interactive you are, as to how long you will wish to stay at this theme park!

But they always say that the best way to find out if you like something is to try it, and that is exactly what will happen at Playmobil, where children can have fun and use their imagination in lots of different settings and environments, from knights to dolls houses, and trains to the rescue services such as the fire brigade and much, much more.

So apart from the young children having fun, you also get a benefit, you can spend some interactive time with them and you find out exactly what they are interested in, so presents are easy to sort out for their next birthday!

There are different themes and activities held throughout the year and you can even book birthday parties for any children over four years of age.

The Playmobil Fun Park is open from a Tuesday to a Sunday from 10am through until 7pm, but you are better parents than us if you stay there that long!!  However, during the school holidays it open every day of the week, which is a great way of taking your own child and a friend or two along to have some fun at very little expense.

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to take your own food or drinks into the park and like many places in France, your pets also have to stay outside.

The restaurant Dans les Nuages is only open every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday normally, but during the Paris school holidays the restaurant is open every day except on a Monday.

The City Caf? is where you can enjoy quick snacks like pastries, sweets, sandwiches and refreshments plus for the slightly hungrier children things such as hot dogs and French fries are also on the menu.  Plus any child up to the age of twelve will get a Playmobil surprise with their meal.

Address & Contact Details:

22/24 Rue des Jach?res
Parc Silic Fresnes

Telephone: 1 49 84 94 44

Playmobil Fun Park Near Paris

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