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Sainte Chapelle In Paris France

The Sainte Chapelle is a holy chapel that was built by King Louis IX in the 1240's in which to house relics from the Holy Land that included the Crown of Thorns and a small part of the True Cross, which he had purchased from the Byzantine Emporor Baldwin II.

Apparently they cost well over three times the cost of building the chapel itself, and were originally stored temporarily in the chapel of the royal palace prior to the Sainte Chapelle being built.

This small chapel is a jewel of gothic architecture from the 13th century that is one of the awe inspiring experiences of Paris, mainly due to the fact that it still today has one of the most complete sets of fantastic stained glass windows from this period of history.

Sainte Chapelle

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Sainte Chapelle In Paris France

The original plans of the chapel date back to the year 1241, and these are generally attributed to Pierre de Montreuil, who had completed the south facade of the Notre Dame de Paris.

Once the site for the Sainte Chapelle had been chosen, which was on the island in the middle of the River Seine called the Ile de la Cite, close to Notre Dame Cathedral and La Conciergerie, they first started construction in 1246 and the whole chapel was completed by 1248.

The interior has two floors and a painted interior like many churches were in the Middle Ages, but unfortunately this aspect of decorating an interior is not seen very often these days as much of this part of history has been lost over the centuries.

However, it is on the second floor that you really get to see the beauty of this place with the vaulted ceiling above the incredible stained glass windows in all their glory, and it was this part of the building that was reserved for the King and his court, as well as for displaying the religious relics.

On the outside, you can see a spire, which is made of cedar and is over 30m high and this is actually a replica of the 15th century spire that was made in the 19th century, but if you go on a sunny day the whole aspect of the building both on the outside and on the inside is a warmer more gratifying experience, where you can see different colour changes from the stained glass windows.

By the way, we did quickly mentioned that this church is located near to La Conciergerie, which is the oldest Prison in Paris, and that is famous for being the place where Marie Antoinette was held during the French Revolution before being beheaded…... Well you can access both the Sainte Chapelle and La Conciergerie on a combined ticket, which is a cost of €11, although people under the age of 18 can gain free entry provided they are accompanied by an adult.

The Sainte Chapelle is open during March through to October on a Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 12.30pm then from 2.15pm through to 6pm.  On a Saturday and Sunday it is open the whole day from 9.30am until 6pm.

During the months of November through to February it is open on a Monday to Friday from 9am to 12.30pm then from 2.15pm through to 5pm.  On a Saturday and Sunday it is open the whole day from 9am until 5pm.

However, the Sainte Chapelle is closed on the main national holidays and you cannot enter if there is less than 30 minutes before closing time.

The cost of entry as for 2010 to Sainte Chapelle on its own is €8 or €5 on a concession, however, as mentioned above, you can obtain a joint ticket to include the Conciergerie for only €11.

The nearest Metro station is the Cite on line 4 or other close Metro stations include the Chatelet and Saint-Michel.

Address & Contact Details:

Sainte Chapelle
4 Boulevard du Palais

Telephone: 1 53 40 60 93 or 1 53 40 60 97
Fax: 1 53 40 60 96

Sainte Chapelle In Paris

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