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Stade Nautique Georges Vallerey Swimming Pool

The Stade Nautique Georges Vallerey is often known as just simply the Georges Vallerey or the Piscine Vallerey and was constructed for the 1924 Olympic Games being held in Paris.

Now the Stade Nautique Georges Vallerey has a rather forbidding exterior and is an imposing concrete swimming stadium, but when you go inside it is completely different and it has a very sporty atmosphere about it, yet looks a little like you would imagine a Russian building.

Georges Vallerey

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Stade Nautique Georges Vallerey Swimming Pool

This was also where the swimming events of the IGLA 2000 World Championships took place and it is classified as one of the three best places in Paris for lap swimming, with the other two being the Piscine Pontoise and the Piscine Suzanne Berlioux.

Situated in the 20th Arrondissement of Paris, this swimming pool is absolutely great for the more serious swimmer, but because it is very popular it does get rather crowded on the weekends and in the summertime.

This pool was built specifically for the 1924 Olympic games and many people will know the name Johnny Weissmuller, who was famous for playing the film role Tarzan, but he also broke numerous swimming world records including one for the 100 metres at the Olympic Games held at this venue.

The pool itself is 50 metres in length and 21 metres in width and has 8 lanes, which are usually divided up to provide 37 metre lap swimming area and a 13 metre free swim area and the temperature in here is usually kept at around 27 degrees Celsius and it is deeper than a lot of other pools.

There is a sliding roof that means in the summer it is open air swimming but even when the cover is on it creates a nice atmosphere and looks similar to one of the old style train stations that have those curved roofs.

After the improvements and renovations that were conducted around the 1989, you will find that there are now spacious locker rooms and it is the first swimming stadium in France to have a pit for synchronised swimming, which is 3.10 metres deep and a state of the art giant scoreboard and electronic timing for swimming competitions.

Other improvements included the sound system in the place and the seating for a capacity of 1500 spectators and there are numerous competitions and events held at the Stade Nautique Georges Vallerey such as the French Swimming Championships, which is held here every year.

As with most swimming pools and sports stadiums in France, it is compulsory to wear a swimming cap and you must wear proper swimming trunks or bathing suits and you are not allowed to wear swimming shorts.

The time and dates of the venue vary on opening hours, due to the fact that there are several competitions held here, so it is advisable to contact them and get the most up to date information available.

Address and Contact Details:

Stade Nautique Georges Vallerey
148 Avenue Gambetta

Telephone: 1 40 31 15 20

Stade Nautique Georges Vallerey

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