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Family Fishing Holidays In France

France is a country that has a wonderful variety of fishing from the North through to the South and caters for fly fishing, course and game fishing on a wide range of rivers and lakes, plus there is plenty of coast line for the sea angler to enjoy as well.

Some of the more popular fishing holidays are carp fishing, cat fishing, course fishing and pike fishing, but these are just some of the holidays that you can enjoy in France and whilst some places cater for the dedicated angler, you can also find many others that are more family orientated with accommodation and activities for the non fishing members.

And, with so many types of fishing holidays in France available some personal research is advisable, for example if you wanted to go trout fishing, you would need to book from around the middle to end of March up until around the first week of September, which is the only time frame you are allowed to fish for trout in France.

Also, in certain areas of France, salmon fishing is prohibited all year round, so it is always best to check on the area you are going, prior to thinking that you will be able to get a licence for fly fishing, just like that.

Every country has numerous different fishing regulations and France is no exception, with specific rules in place for what type of fish you can catch, when you are allowed to catch certain species of fish, as well as what equipment you are allowed to catch fish with.

Fishing Holidays in France
Family Fishing Holidays in France

For some, this can be a daunting prospect, especially if you are not fluent in French, and although in some areas it will be easier than others to organise your fishing venue and licence, it is often easier to pre-organise your fishing holiday, so do try and get as much information as possible.

To begin with you must have a fishing licence to fish on rivers, streams and lakes throughout France unless these are privately owned or booked as a fishing holiday where the fishing licence requirements are normally included, but it is advisable to check this out before you travel!

But, if you do need to obtain your own fishing permit, these can usually be obtained from the local fishing tackle shop or alternatively from the local bar or tobac, however, if you are not sure on what is required then you can get advice from the local tourist information board, which can also provide maps of where you can and cannot fish.

If you are only going to be on holiday in France for a short time, then you can get what is known as The Carte de Peche de Vacances, which covers an angler for up to fifteen consecutive days and can be used between 1st June and 30th November, but outside of these dates an annual fishing licence is mandatory.

Yet, with an annual permit that you can use for the whole year, do bear in mind that this will only be for one department in France, unless you get it stamped for different areas that you may go to, and this is something that you will need to do for all fresh water fishing.

When it comes to catfish and carp fishing, you can get a licence to do this in the local rivers or public lakes, but the majority of people will want to opt for a carp fishing holiday on a dedicated lake, and when you go to a dedicated privately owned lake for carp fishing, cat fishing, etc, then you will not normally have to worry about getting your own individual licence as this will already have either been sorted out by the travel agency or the owner under their own fishing regulations.

Also, you will find that boats are allowed to be used quite a bit in France, but you may need to have a separate part to your licence to enable you to use a boat, even if it is only for baiting up an area, and do please be careful if you have an echo sounder in your boat, as you are not allowed to have both this and your tackle in the boat at the same time!

Now, when you start thinking of night fishing, this is prohibited in a lot of places in France, but when on a private fishing lake, or if with the correct licence on certain waters, this can be allowed, if not, then you can only fish half hour after sunrise to half hour before sunset.  Saying that, there are some places on the rivers seine, rhone, mosselle, oise, madine and rhine, etc that do allow night fishing, but there are many places that do ban the use of a bivvy or tent even if night fishing is allowed and you may only get away with using your brolly!

You will be pleased to know that a licence is not needed when sea fishing and the Atlantic coastline will provide excellent fishing where you can go out on a boat to catch bass, conger eels and even tuna or surf cast for sea bream to name but a few.

Another favourite is fly fishing for salmon and trout which is available in lots of public canals and navigable rivers, but as with most countries, these will also contain other fish such as Pike, so beware!  However some of the best places to try your hand at fly fishing are often owned by groups and in this case you would need to pay the owners for a permit to fish as well as having your normal fishing licence.  You will be able to find some of the best salmon fishing in France around the Pyrenees Atlantiques and the river Loire is also a major salmon fishery for France.

With course fishing being very popular for the whole family, due to the fact of the many different types of fish you can catch such as bream, tench, perch, roach, and if you include carp, catfish and pike that are in abundance in areas like the Dordogne, Lot and Charente Maritime you will have so much fun, not knowing what is going to end up on your rod next!  But if you like fishing for black bass, the river Rhone is known as a premier bass fishery, as is the river Saone.

Just one last point, the fishing dates and times do vary each year in France, so it is always advisable to check on these before planning your fishing holiday, and at the end of the day, forget about the headaches of the licences, just enjoy the whole experience and you too could be in with a chance of catching a fish that has never been caught before!

Fishing Holidays

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