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Carp Fishing in Limousin Region

Limousin is a beautiful and virtually unspoilt part of France that has rolling countryside with many forests, along with numerous lakes and rivers that make this a fantastic place to go carp fishing.

It is the least populated area in France and if you are thinking of a carp fishing adventure in peace and quiet, then this has definitely got to be an area to seriously consider.

Although carp fishing and course fishing on the rivers such as the Dordogne and the Creuse are very popular, especially with the locals, many people from the UK prefer to opt for a dedicated carp fishing holiday to France and the Limousin area, which has an abundance of privately owned lakes where you can enjoy this sport to its fullest.

Limousin Province

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Carp Fishing in Limousin Region

This is an area where you can get back to nature and enjoy the slow pace of life along with the wildlife and fresh air that are commonplace.

A lot of the carp lakes in Limousin Provence are especially suited to a 'Drive and Survive' Fishing holiday, although some do cater for families or have packages available with places to stay. 

After much searching we ended up going carp fishing at a really beautiful and extremely large lake in the Haute-Vienne department of Limousin in France called L'Etang De Tricherie, which was very reasonably priced.

Owned by an English couple, which you will find that a lot of private fishing lakes in France are, the minute we arrived they were so welcoming and we were taken out on a boat to experience the lake and see the different swims that we could fish from.

Once we decided where we wanted to be, the owner Les brought the rowing boat round to our swim that we had hired and we then had the unenviable task of setting up.  You will find that there are many lakes that allow the use of a boat and often have these for hire, which saves the need for trying to cast and spod out your bait some phenomenal distances, although some people also use a bait boat.  This particular lake had facilities for charging items like a bait boat, but not every lake will, so it is a wise idea to check into this prior to booking.

The L'Etang de Tricherie is set in a really secluded area surrounded by trees and you could be left entirely to your own devices, plus you had the use of the washing and toilet facilities situated on the lake's edge, also there were picnic tables and chairs that you could use, along with a BBQ.  But you could also arrange to have breakfast and evening meals cooked by Christine, who was also a fantastic host.

The fishing lake didn't just have carp to over 40lb but there were also catfish and other species of fish that you could try your luck at catching and compared to some lakes, there are possibly a lot of carp that have never been caught in their lives and they really do put up a big fight, in fact you could have a 20lb carp on the line and think it is a 40lb plus, and this provided some excellent sport, rather than just reeling them in!

Something else that we done, was pre-book our bait, which Les and Christine sorted out for us, which saved the need of the extra weight whilst travelling and also saved us the hassle of cooking the particle bait, such as the hemp and maize, which was all pre-cooked for us.

Some of the swims are only accessible by boat, whereas others you can drive or walk to and we opted for one right near to the picnic area, which meant we had the car near and were in easy distance of facilities. 

Also some lakes are very particular in the fact that you have to use a bivvy, whereas we had a tent, and although not gaudy in its colour, it was definitely not your average bivvy!  The swims on this lake varied in size quite a bit and you will find that this is the same for most lakes, so it is always a good idea to check availability prior to booking.

Les and Christine were extremely helpful throughout our stay and if you have ever read any of our other articles, you will have no doubt realised that there is usually something that goes wrong!.  This time the car electric window motor packed in, meaning until it was fixed we could not take the car out, because we couldn't lock it, but Les was even kind enough to take us down to the garage to pick our car up after it had been fixed! 

This fishing venue is ideal for the 'Drive and Survive' carp fisherman, but is also suitable for families that want some peace and quiet.  We went with our young daughter, but she has been brought up with fishing holidays and like her, providing your children are well behaved as there are no activities to occupy them on the site, then they are welcome.  And for anyone coming here there is a fantastic swimming lake and a lovely little restaurant only a short drive away and there are numerous activities in the Limousin area that you can venture out to, whilst not fishing.

L'Etang de Tricherie carp fishing lake will definitely provide you with a venue that is relatively unknown, not crowded and swims that are secluded, plus the weight of the largest carp in the lake are also unknown, which makes it an adventure in its own right, even though there have been many 40lb plus carp caught.

Address & Contact Details:

Les and Christine

L'Etang de Tricherie

Tel: 5 55 53 34 95

Carp Fishing in Limousin

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