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Guy Savoy Top Table Restaurant In Paris

Guy Savoy is a top table restaurant that was named after the owner and chef when it first opened back in 1980 on the Rue Duret, but then moved to its current location on Rue Troyon in 1987  and is a very classy three Michelin starred haute cuisine restaurant that puts just as much emphasis on the atmosphere as it does on the cuisine.

This restaurant is actually classed as one of the very best tables in Paris and a lot of this comes down to Guy himself and his philosophy, where he feels that having fun and enjoying the surroundings are just as important as eating well and this comes across in all ways, from the moment you enter to the friendly staff that always around to be of service, to the uniqueness of the cuisine and the very talented and unique chef.

Guy Savoy Restaurant

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Guy Savoy Top Table Restaurant In Paris

Your visit to Guy Savoy will be a sheer delight in more ways than one, with lasting memories of the revamped dark wood decor, brightly coloured paintings and some unusual statues and sculptures dotted around the dining areas that have sliding partitions so the space can be changed to divide into several rooms and private dining areas.

But for most people it will be the delicacies that are offered at this fabulous restaurant in Paris, yet also how they are presented and you will find that certain dishes on the menu have a specific style of plate that they use for serving the dish.  For instance, a particular turbot dish would be presented on a dish that has tiny holes in it, which is then placed on another dish.  Once you have eaten the first part of the fish and the produce that accompanies it, the plate with holes is removed and underneath you will find another course with turbot and other accompaniments.

Now I am sure that you have heard of wine pairing and this is certainly a great option when you have an expert sommelier who will know exactly what type of wine is most suited to each individual dish that you have ordered.  Well at Guy Savoy you have the opportunity of the wine waiter's expertise at your finger tips and many wines can be taken by the glass rather than having to purchase a bottle.  Yet something that is a little more unusual is the art of bread pairing and this is also something else that you can opt for, so that the breads chosen will work in harmony both with the dishes and wine and make for an even more memorable meal.

When it comes to the cuisine, this changes with the seasons and therefore you will get certain items only when they are in season, but some of delights you can expect to see on the menu at different times are duck foie gras with red cabbage juice and cabbage with horseradish and mustard, seared blue lobster with orange root vegetables, hot sea urchins and Chinese artichokes with sea urchin butter, lentil and truffle stew, grilled sea bass with sweet spices, artichoke soup with black truffle and layered brioche with mushrooms and truffles, roasted veal with potato puree, Breton grilled lobster with carrot puree, strips of carrots, lobster coral and white wine stock, chicken breast with lemon balm and lemongrass along with a ragout of ribbed vegetables and Swiss chard, thinly sliced truffles, pearl onions, carrots and button mushrooms, to name a few!

The Guy Savoy restaurant is situated in the 17th arrondissement of Paris close the Arc de Triomphe and the famous Avenue des Champs Elysees.  But Guy Savoy also owns other restaurants and bistros in Paris, which include the Atelier Maitre Albert, La Butte Chaillot, Les Bouquinistes, and Le Chiberta although these are managed by the highly trained and competent chefs appointed and trained by Guy himself.

So if you are looking to dine at an establishment marked with distinction and in a class of its own, then you need not look any further than the Guy Savoy for a fabulous meal with friendly, yet professional staff who will make you feel welcome and you will be able to go away with happy memories.

Restaurant Guide Key Points

The Guy Savoy haute cuisine restaurant is open on a Tuesday to Friday for lunch from noon through to 2pm and for dinner from 7pm through to 10.30pm. Then on a Saturday they are open from 7pm until 10.30pm but are closed all day on a Sunday and Monday.

As they state, attire is to be in harmony with the aesthetics and the elegance of the surroundings and is very much appreciated.  In other words, smart, elegant is the dress code and definitely not casual.

There is also a valet parking service, air conditioning, private dining upon request and by prior arrangement, plus private functions are also possible on a Sunday and Monday, which would have to be arranged in advance.

Now, the average cost for a meal not including any wine or other drinks is around 180€ upwards for the A la Carte, but there is also a Prestige Menu for around 275€ and another called the Menu Couleurs, Textures et Saveurs which is around 345€.  With the Prestige Menu there are around nine courses and this is served to the whole table, whereas the Colours, textures and savours menu is classed as a supreme tasting menu that has even more courses and is also served to the whole table.

However the Guy Savoy restaurant also offers an exclusive tasting menu each day at lunch for people that wish to discover the delights of a French gourmet restaurant and do not want to take on board the costs for a full A la Carte or evening dinner.  From the entire menu you can choose a half entr?e, one main dish, and a half-desert, for the cost of around 100€ and wines recommended by the expert sommelier will start at 10€ for a glass, but this particular special is only available if you book this online!

Please also make sure that you plan ahead as reservations are normally required at least one month in advance.

There are numerous different languages that are spoken at this haute cuisine restaurant that include the obvious French, but also English, Italian, Spanish, German and Arabic are spoken, plus the menu is translated into Chinese, Japanese and even Russian.

Although they have a valet parking service, if you are arriving via public transport then the nearest Metro station is the Charles de Gaulle-Etoile or from the other direction it would be the Ternes.

Address & Contact Details:

Guy Savoy
18 Rue Troyon

Telephone: 1 43 80 40 61
Fax: 1 46 22 43 09

Guy Savoy Top Table Restaurant

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