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History Of Paris In France

Paris is full of history, like historical buildings, chateaux, castles, monuments, bridges, restaurants, etc along with many different museums that have records and artefacts dating back as the fourth millennium BC.

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History of Chateau de Chantilly Castle Near Paris
Le Grand Cond? turned the Chateau de Chantilly into a venue for parties, balls and fireworks displays with a rather influential circle of people.

Chateau Chantilly and the Petits Appartements
The Petits Appartements of the Chateau de Chantilly are open to the public to visit when exploring the rest of the glorious French castle.

History of the Train Bleu Restaurant In Paris
The Paris-Lyon-Mediterranean Company built the restaurant for the Universal Exhibition and it was originally called the Buffet de la Gare de Lyon and was inaugurated in the April of 1901 by the French President, Emile Loubet.

Construction of the Chateau de Vincennes
The Chateau de Vincennes dates back to the 12th century, which was before the Louvre was built and is one of the few castles that has found itself at the centre of French History right through from the Middle Ages.

History of the Tour d'Argent Restaurant
This famous restaurant in Paris called the Tour d'Argent, has maintained its deep and almost sacred traditions throughout the centuries, dating back to 1582 when it catered towards the aristocrats of the time.

Arenes de Lutece Amphitheatre In Paris France
It is within the 5th Arrondissement of Paris that you will find the only remnants left of the Roman era and these include the thermal baths of the Musee de and the Arenes de Lutece, which is the roman amphitheatre.

Hotel de Sens In Paris
The Hotel de Sens is a medieval residence that is one of only three still standing in Paris in the 4th Arrondissement, that was built during the years of approximately 1475 to 1509 as a residence for Tristan de Salazar.

L'hopital de la Salp?tri?re - Gunpowder Hospital
This old building in the past as a producer and storage area for saltpeter, which of course was used to make gunpowder, Then became a place to house criminals and those people that were ill and without money, eventually La Salpetriere then began to serve as a hospital.

Eglise Saint Eustache Cathedral In Paris
Eglise Saint Eustache is in the 1st Arrondissement of Paris and originally was a church dedicated to Saint Agnes, but was enlarge to make this a cathedral with work finishing in the year 1637.

History of the Hotel du Louvre
The Hotel du Louvre was built back in 1855 and known as the Grand Hotel du Louvre, it was the first luxury hotel in France and was originally located in the building which is now known as the Louvre des Antiquaires.

Museums in Paris
Paris contains a wide variety of art and history museums like The Louvre.

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Paris History

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