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Le Cafézoide In Paris France

Le Cafézoïde is the only café in Paris and in fact the whole of France, which is totally dedicated to children from newborns through to the age of 16 years, although they must be accompanied by a parent!

Le Cafézoïde is a zone that is completely free from cigarettes and alcohol and has been designed to give the children somewhere to go after school and also to get the adolescents off the streets.

Le Cafezoide In Paris

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Le Cafézoide In Paris France

In 1999 Anne-Marie Rodenas created Le Cafézoide both for the local children and others that are just visiting Paris.  It came from the idea of the parents coffee mornings, as a place that children and adolescents can interact with one another, along with games and thus helping their social skills among other things.

The Cafézoide is located on the Bassin de la Villette, virtually at the heart of the 19th arrondissement of Paris and not far from the Parc des Buttes Chaumont and the Canal de l'Ourcq and this site was chosen because this area of Paris has more children under 16 than an other.

Every day there are a variety of different activities from indoor games, shows, exhibitions, outdoor games, parties, etc and caters for all ages from the youngest who have their own baby space, plus the Cafézoide organises special events such as film festivals, games tournaments, dance parties, treasure hunts, story telling sessions.  They even have theme days for different countries, such as Indian, German, Russian, etc along with much, much more.

Everyone is welcome from a Wednesday through to a Sunday from 10am through to 7pm throughout the year, although during the summer it opens at 2.30pm and closes at 7pm and is a great place for children, adolescents and their families to get together.

The first visit is completely free bar the ticket, but on the second visit you must give a contribution of €2.50 per child per year to continue to enjoy the scene and it is also the responsibility of the child's parents or the adult with them to make sure they behave.

When a child goes into Cafézoide they are provided with a ticket or Paf, which they must keep with them at all times and the Paf is €1.50 and entitles the child or adolescent to one drink or a snack food to have whilst in this unique and fun centre.

The Cafézoide is also in contact with other associations in Paris such as the Abricadabra Theatre and it provides an experience with a place of entertainment, but much more, as it offers an environment that will help each child with development, expression and respect for not just for themselves but others around them, no matter what their background is.

Address & Contact Details:

Le Cafézoide
92 bis Quai de la Loire

Telephone number: 1 42 38 26 37

Contact Persons: Anne-Marie, Matthew, David, Maristella, William, Sebastian and others (2008).

Le Cafézoide In Paris

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