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Visiting French Museums In Paris France

Most places in Europe have a great history and lots of different museums for us to enjoy, but within France there are numerous different French museums dotted all over the country, yet there are an incredible amount of different types of museums in Paris itself that you can visit.

So if you would like to visit a traditional home of one of the famous artists or authors from France, then you will be able to do so, like going to see the Former home of Victor Hugo who wrote Les Miserables, or seeing Honor Balzac's house where he made it a place of refuge and escape from the debtors that he owed money to and in fact you can still see the escape hatch he used to go down into the tunnels underneath, which is now part of the Musee du Vin wine museum.

For a completely different scene, yet still staying with museums in Paris that are now dedicated to a specific person, then you could visit the Musée Cernuschi that is dedicated to Henri Cernushi and his collection of Asian art, or the more modern Fondation Le Corbusier who became a pioneer in modern design and dedicated a lot of his time to plans for providing better living conditions for the people who lived in crowded cities.

Another popular place is the Palais de Tokyo situated in an art-deco palace, which is open until midnight and only has temporary exhibitions, yet has become known as the most creative and fun museum in Paris.

Visiting French Museums In Paris France
French Museums In Paris France

For the more logical and well known French Museums in Paris France you will of course recognise the name The Louvre, which is famous for the Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo da Vinchi and this place can take at least a day or more to get round depending upon how passionate you are of art.

Or how about the popular Musee d'Orsay that picks up where The Louvre leaves off and is situated in the former Paris railway station on the left bank of the River Seine and it mainly features French art from the period of the mid 1800s to the 1st World War.

There are lots of museums that are dedicated to famous artists, sculptors and a couple of others that are really interesting like the Musee Rodin and the Picasso Museum, but to get a real feel of how some of the them lived, going to the Musee Bourdelle and seeing his residence and workshop or the Gustave Moureau museum that he himself organised and left to the City of Paris when he passed away, that can really makes you feel like you are stepping back in time.

There are also numerous French museums in Paris that are dedicated to a specific topic, like the Musée de la Poupée, which is all about dolls, or the Musée des Egouts or Paris Sewers Museum and as you can guess is down beneath the city, and yes, you can even take a tour of the Paris sewers and see how they work and came about.

Other museums in Paris dedicated to specific themes are the Musée de la Musique, dedicated to music and musical instruments that even has a Stradivarius violin, the Musee de la Poste, dedicated to the French Postal Service and the Musee du Vin, dedicated to the very French past-time of wine and wine making through the centuries where you can even have wine tasting sessions, then why not enjoy a meal in the restaurant accompanied by one of the selected wines.

There are numerous other museums in Paris and such a wide variety to choose from that even include going inside a decommissioned submarine, visiting the air and space museum and going inside a Boeing 747 and Concorde or going down to the Catacombs, which are definitely more fun for the children and gets them away from the traditional art scene.

But there are just too many to talk about and you could spend months in Paris alone, just going round visiting these museums in France, without even contemplating any other areas, or for that matter the different monuments and landmarks, which is another major part of the French History that Paris is so proud of.

Yet do bear in mind that all the museums are closed for at least one day of the week and this is usually on a Monday or Tuesday, it is like the Musee D'Orsay that is closed on a Monday, whereas the Louvre is closed on a Tuesday and so on a Tuesday at the D'Orsay it is extremely busy and if you do not like crowds it is best avoided this day if possible.

Also at certain museums you can gain free entry on the first Sunday of every month, which is a tremendous saving if you have a large family, however, if you do decide to choose this option, then the crowds and the queues can be absolutely enormous, especially at some of the more well known and famous museums like The Louvre!

So we have found that you really do need to plan in advance exactly where you wish to go for what you are interested in, otherwise you will run out of time and get very disappointed!  Mind you, that could be a good reason for going back to visit other French museums in Paris again!!

French Museums In Paris

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