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Paris Tourist Attractions in France

Paris has over 30 million tourists every year, so you will never be without something to do or see, no matter what part of Paris you are visiting.

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Chateau de Saint-Germain Castle Near Paris
Originally on the site of the present Chateau de Saint-Germain there was an old fort that dated from around the year 1238 and King Charles V

Chateau de Compiegne Near Paris
The Chateau de Compiegne that we can see today is a French castle that was designed by the architect Ange-Jacques Gabriel as a royal residence

Chateau Compiegne Le Musee du Second Empire
The origins of the residence of Compi?gne is intertwined with that of the French monarchy and goes back to the Merovingian dynasty.

Chateau Compiegne Le Mus?e National de la voiture et du tourisme
Within the Chateau de Compiegne you will find a museum called Le Mus?e National de la Voiture et du Tourisme, or in English known as The National Museum of the Car and Tourism.

Le Ciel de Paris Restaurant
Le Ciel de Paris has panoramic views from the restaurant, which is 200 metres high and is actually the highest restaurant in the whole of Europe.

The Ice Kube, Kube Rooms, Bars and Restaurant
The Ice Kube is a very unusual bar, which is actually made out of ice and is the very first ice bar and restaurant in Paris.

Bar Hemingway at the Paris Ritz
The Bar Hemingway is the sort of hotel bar we all wish to relax in with a drink, but for many this can be a rare encounter.

Tour d'Argent and its Wine Cellars
Incredibly the Tour d'Argent holds around 400,000 bottles within its cellars, with some very rare collectors items for connoisseurs and examples of fine vintages that would cost absolutely thousands a bottle.

Lapin Agile - Cabaret In Paris
This place became famous through the painting by Pablo Picasso that sold for many millions and is a very informal cabaret venue.

Altitude 95 Restaurant at the Eiffel Tower Paris
Do you fancy eating at the Altitude 95 restaurant situated on the first floor of the most famous and most visit monument in Paris, the Eiffel Tower.

Procope Caf? in Paris
Procope was founded way back in 1686 by Francesco Procopio dei Coltelli and is oldest operating cafe in the world, also it has welcomed numerous famous people such as Voltaire and Benjamin Franklin, over the years.

La Conciergerie In Paris France
La Conciergerie is a very historical monument that includes the remains of the oldest royal palace in Paris and was first constructed at the start of the 14th century but was then turned into a prison during the 15th century.

Sainte Chapelle In Paris France
The Sainte Chapelle is a holy chapel that was built by King Louis IX in the 1240's in which to house relics from the Holy Land that included the Crown of Thorns and a small part of the True Cross.

La Grande Mosquee de Paris
The Grande Mosquee de Paris was the very first mosque to be built in France plus it is also the largest mosque in France as well, and is in tribute to the French Arab community that fought in the First World War.   

Le Hammam Turkish Baths In Paris
The Hammam are the Turkish baths that are situated in La Mosquee de Paris, which are open to the general public for those that want a bit of pampering, especially if you have been on a sight seeing around the City.

Place de la Concorde In Paris
The Place de la Concorde is the largest square in Paris and covers an octagonal area of over 8 hectares.

The Luxor Obelisk in Paris
The Luxor Obelisk is the oldest monument in Paris which has only been there since the 1800's and yet it is actually well over 3000 years old!

Colonne de Vendome Monument In Paris
The column called Colonne de Vendome stands around 44 metres high and is comprised of a stone core then encased in bronze, found in Place Vendome, a square famous for it boutiques and the Ritz hotel.

La Bourse de Paris
The Bourse de Paris is the Paris Stock Exchange, that was originally founded in 1724 through King Louis XV, who wished to bring some kind of order to the economy in France.

Op?ra National de Paris - Palais Garnier
Opera National de Paris, Palais Garnier is a large ornate building that has become a well known Paris landmark and is decorated with columns, statues, friezes etc and is in the Napoleon style.

The Horse Race Courses around Paris
There are actually six racecourses around the Paris area that are operated by France Galop and these are Auteuil, Chantilly, Deauville, Longchamp, Maisons-Laffitte and Saint-Cloud.

Hippodrome de Longchamp Racecourse
Longchamp racecourse, with its official name being the Hippodrome de Longchamp, has tremendous prestige and is one of the most famous horseracing venues throughout the whole of France.

La Madeleine Church In Paris
La Madeleine was first started during the reign of King Louis XV in the 1760's and the original design by the architect Constant d'Ivry was based upon the St-Louis-des-Invalide Church.

Dimanches au Galop
The Dimanches au Galop basically translates to Sunday at the races and was an initiative that was first launched back in 2004 and since then has been an annual even that continues to grow in popularity.

The M?morial des Martyrs de la D?portation
Whilst under Nazi occupation, the French people really did suffer and the Memorial des Martyrs de la Deportation was built to remember those who suffered at the hands of the German army.

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Tourist Attractions in Paris
Tourist Attractions in Paris And France

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