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French Museums In Paris France

The French museums in Paris are varied and can cater for all tastes and some are absolutely fantastic for children as well as adults such as going on board a decommissioned submarine, and from historical buildings, artists homes, magnificent palaces and numerous art centres you will have no trouble in finding a Paris museum that will be suitable for everyone.

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Mus?e Valentin Ha?y Museum In Paris France
The Museum is devoted to the history of the blind plus the methods that have enabled these people to gain access to culture and learning.

  -  Valentin Hauy and the Royal Institute for Blind Youth
  -  Louis Braille and His Braille Writing Methods

Mus?e Armenien de France In Paris
Nourhan Fringhian, after being forced into exile in to France, decided to create the Armenian Museum of France.

Tour d'Argent Petit Musee de la Table
The Tour d'Argent Petit Musee de la Table is a gastronomic museum that is housed in the famous Tour d'Argent restaurant and was founded back in the year 1953 by Claude Terrail who had taken over ownership.

La Mus?e Vivant du Cheval Near Paris
La Mus?e Vivant du Cheval, which is also known as The Living Horse museum and is internationally acknowledged museum of horses.

Jacquemart-Andr? Museum In Paris
Imagine an artistic journey through the heart of the Italian Renaissance, 18th century French masterpieces and works by the Flemish masters just by visiting the Jacquemart-Andr? Museum.

  -  Musee Jacquemart-Andr? In Paris

Mus?e Bouchard Museum In Paris France
Henri Bouchard became a sculptor and produced over a thousand different works through his life and mainly worked with bronze, stone and plaster.

Maison de l'Air Museum In Paris
The Maison de l'Air basically translates to House of Air and is a unique little museum that is dedicated to air and the quality of air in Paris.

Musee de la Monnaie Museum In Paris
The Musee de la Monnaie is actually the museum of the French Mint and Treasury and is situated in the historic Palais Conti and includes exhibits of historical documents, obviously money and coins.

Musee Moissan Museum In Paris
The Musee Moissan is a museum dedicated to Henri Moissan who was born in Paris in 1852 and became a great 19th century chemist and this is where you can get to see some of his greatest works and experiments.

Mus?e du Cinema Museum In Paris - Henri Langlois
The Musee du Cinema was created by a gentleman named Henri Langlois, and this museum portrayed the history of moving pictures.

Musee national des Arts et Traditions Populaires
The Musee national des Arts et Traditions Populaires, which basically translates to the Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions was first founded in 1937 by George-Henri River.

Centre de la Mer et des Eaux Museum
The Centre de la Mer et des Eaux is classed as a museum and is located within the Institut Oceanographique and can be found in the 5th Arrondissement of Paris.

Galerie du Pantheon Bouddhique du Japon et de la Chine Museum
The Galerie du Pantheon Bouddhique du Japon et de la Chine is amuseum dedicated to the history of Japanese Buddhism.

Musee de la Bible et Terre Sainte Museum
The Musee de la bible et Terre Sainte is located within the Institut catholique de Paris in the 6th Arrondissement of Paris.

Musee National du Sport
The Musee National du Sport is situated in the 16th Arrondissement of Paris and is located within the Parc de Princes stadium.

Pavillon des Arts Museum
The Pavillon des Arts is an exhibition centre and part of a cultural complex that was established back in 1983 in the Les Halles area of Paris near to the River Seine.

Musee Dupuytren Museum In Paris
The Musee Dupuytren is a museum of anatomical items illustrating diseases and malformations, situated in the 6th Arrondissement of Paris it is located within the Couvent des Cordeliers.

Salon Chopin Museum In Paris
The Salon Frederic Chopin is a small museum dedicated to the famous composer Frederic Francois Chopin and is located within the Bibliotheque Polonaise ? Paris in the 4th arrondissement of Paris.

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French Museums In Paris
Museums In Paris

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