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Restaurants In Paris

French cuisine is some of the best in the world, and Paris has wide range of different types of restaurants that vary immensely, serving classic French food, gourmet meals, international cuisine and haute cuisine.

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La Villa Corse Rive Gauche Restaurant In Paris
La Villa Corse Rive Gauche basically translates to The Corsican Villa Left Bank and relates to where this restaurant is situated in relation to the River Seine and is the original Villa Corse.

La Villa Corse Rive Droite Restaurant In Paris
La Villa Corse Rive Droite is a restaurant that serves authentic Corsican cuisine and the food from this region in France has a long history with a large influence from its past such as from the Romans.

Le Zyriab Restaurant In Paris
The Zyriab is a restaurant that serves Lebanese cuisine and is owned and run by the well respected Noura group, which can be found above the Institute du Monde Arabe or IMA as it is also known.

Noura Montparnasse Restaurant In Paris
The Montparnasse restaurants serves Lebanese cuisine, and is the original restaurant opened up by the Noura Group in Paris.

Aux Portes de l'Orient Restaurant In Paris
The Aux Portes de l'Orient is a restaurant that has a North African, Islamic style feel and is quite aptly situated within the oldest mosque in France.

La Casbah Restaurant In Paris
This restaurant, bar and nightclub in Paris has a Moroccan theme with traditionally prepared Eastern dishes and a decor to match in this chic and trendy place that attracts a younger crowd.

Le Chari Restaurant In Paris
Le Chari restaurant is based upon African cuisine and has an authentic feel that makes this place unique in Paris, with fine dining and chic ambience yet a very easy going feel that makes it perfect for a relaxed evening.

La Cave des Cordeliers Restaurant In Paris
The Cave des Cordeliers is a restaurant serving refined traditional French cuisine but this venue also has a lively musical atmosphere with performances by a live band.

Le Divellec Haute Cuisine Restaurant
The Divellec is known for La Cuisine de la Mer, or cuisine of the sea as it translates to, and this is an up market haute cuisine restaurant that serves some of the best seafood available in Paris.

Michel Rostang Haute Cuisine Restaurant
And although Michel Rostang is a Michelin starred haute cuisine restaurant, it still manages to maintain a warm, friendly and family style atmosphere.

Montparnasse 25 Gourmet Restaurant In Paris
This gourmet restaurant has an elegant and luxurious setting that takes you back in time to the Roaring Twenties with a silver and black lacquered colour scheme, crisp white tablecloths.

Wok Cooking Restaurant In Paris
At the Wok Cooking Restaurant, you actually choose the ingredients to be cooked and these are prepared in a wok along with a sauce of your choice, all cooked and served right in front of you.

Caviar Kaspia Restaurant In Paris
Caviar Kaspia will be able to offer you authentic flavours of the sea and soil with the most obvious being caviar, with a great selection including sevruga, osetra and the most expensive beluga.

Il Lotti Restaurant In Paris
The restaurant Il Lotti is situated within the Hotel Le Lotti and can be found in the 1st Arrondissement of Paris close to the famous Louvre Museum where they offer refined Italian cuisine in a intimate atmosphere.

Findi Restaurant In Paris
This restaurant was formerly known as Finzi, but they entrusted a famous Parisian designers who craft the place into an extremely elegant Italian style restaurant that became the new name of Findi.

The Tribar In Paris
Tribar is a mixture of a restaurant, a bar and a cabaret venue and has dark red walls on interior and neon lights in a variety of colours bringing bright light for a variety of moods with two air-conditioned levels.

153 Grenelle Restaurant In Paris
153 Grenelle is a Gastronomic restaurant that took over from the Paris bistro called Le Soleil de Grenelle and as the name suggests it is located at 153 Rue de Grenelle.

L'Astrance Restaurant In Paris
L'Astrance is a very small restaurant, but with the quality of the cuisine from chef Pascal Barbot who got his first Michelin star straight away, today this incredibly popular place has now been awarded two Michelin stars.

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Restaurants In Paris France
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