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Shows and Entertainment In Paris France

When looking for entertainment in Paris, for children or the whole family, it is more of a problem deciding on what you will do! as you may just run out of time trying to fit all the places into your schedule, so you can be sure that whilst in Paris you will never run out of things to do or see.

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Pari Roller Skaters in Paris France
Pari Roller is a weekly touring ride of roller skaters, skate boarders and roller bladers, who skate though Paris every Friday night.

MCM Cafe Bar and Club In Paris
The MCM Cafe is a large bar and club that features up and coming music bands playing live plus they have DJ's and also music videos.

Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream House In Paris
Häagen-Dazs has been delighting people since 1921 and is classified as 'heaven' for ice cream lovers all over the world.

Paris Plage Beaches in the city of Paris!
The Paris Plage is basically a giant beach area that is created every summer along the banks of the River Seine with many different activities.

Folies Bergère Music Hall In Paris
The Folies Bergère is a Parisian music hall in Paris with well over a century of entertainment and is one of the most famous cabaret's in the world.

Bateau-Mouches Tourist Boats on the River Seine
You can still have pleasure trips on one of the Bateaux-Mouches, from the original company, but now other tour operators also have vessels called Bateaux-Mouches, for tourists to travel up and down the River Seine.

France Miniature Map In Paris
France Miniature is a theme park that is designed as a miniature map of France with all the famous monuments in some other parts of France.

Paris Ouest Aventure St Quentin
This is a treetop adventure park that is suitable for both children and adults, providing that they are over 1.1 metres in height.

Paintball Connexion Near Paris
The Paintball Connexion is situated only 30 kilometres away from Paris and is the largest paintball complex in the whole of France.

La Musée Vivant du Cheval Near Paris
La Musée Vivant du Cheval, which is also known as The Living Horse museum and is internationally acknowledged museum of horses.

Tokyo Eat Restaurant In Paris
The Tokyo Eat is a restaurant that is situated within a museum and is a very modern trendy restaurant of Paris with the fusion food sometimes being a bit crazy, yet tasty with strong French and Asian influences.

Marc Mitonne Restaurant In Paris
The Marc Mitonne restaurant not only serve some great French food, but also has lots of different types of entertainment for you to enjoy such as magicians, singers, comedians, cabarets, etc.

Piscine Pontoise Paris Swimming Pool
The Piscine Pontoise is a building that has interesting architecture as it was built in the art deco style, with two high galleries that surround the pool.

La Piscine Josephine Baker In Paris
The Piscine Josephine Baker is more of a swimming pool barge that is situated on the bank of the River Seine and was named after the actress.

Piscine de la Butte aux Cailles Swimming Pool
The Piscine de la Butte aux Cailles is like a large vault that is reinforced and supported by seven concrete arches and the facade with red bricks.

Stade Nautique Georges Vallerey Swimming Pool
The Stade Nautique Georges Vallerey is often known as the Georges Vallerey or Piscine Vallerey being constructed for the 1924 Olympic Games.

Centre Aquatique Inkermann Swimming Pool In Paris
The Centre Aquatique Inkermann is a very modern and state of the art swimming complex that is situated in Paris, France.

Espace Sportif Pailleron Swimming Pool In Paris
The Espace Sportif Pailleron complex has undergone complete renovations and is home to the only permanent ice rink in Paris as well as still having a fantastic swimming pool centre.

Piscine des Amiraux In Paris France
The Piscine des Amiraux was designed in 1927 by Henri Sauvage and was architecturally ahead of its time and was officially inaugurated in 1930.

les Étangs de Cergy-Neuville Activity Centre Paris
This is a very large outdoor activity centre with something to keep everyone amused from the youngest to the oldest in your family, right through from activities such as swimming and kayaking to mini-golf, tennis etc.

The Frog and Rosbif In Paris
The Frog and Rosbif is an English bar that was first established back in 1993 and has a lively yet typically British Pub atmosphere, where they serve their own brewed beers, plus pub food.

Le Hammam Turkish Baths In Paris
The Hammam are the Turkish baths that are situated in La Mosquee de Paris, which are open to the general public for those that want a bit of pampering, especially if you have been on a sight seeing around the City.

Ratatouille Film Trail in Paris
The Ratatouille movie is based upon a rat called Remy who dreams of becoming a French chef, but there are very obvious reasons why this could be a very hard profession to get into.

The Devil Wears Prada Film Trail in Paris
If you like fashion and enjoyed the film Devil Wears Prada, then this little guide is a great way to follow the movie as it takes you to different sites around Paris that were featured in the film.

La Vie en Rose Edith Piaf film tour in Paris
The film trail of Edith Piaf starts at Boulevard Lannes, where you can see a small plaque on the wall at number 67, which is where she lived for the last few years of her life.

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Entertainment In Paris France
Entertainment In Paris

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