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Shows and Entertainment In Paris France

With so many different types of entertainment in Paris, for adults, children or the whole family, you may need to find some extra time just to try and fit these in!  So you can be sure that whilst on holiday in Paris you will never run out of things to do or see, if it be during the day or evening.

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Batobus Water Bus In Paris France
The Batobuses are an unusual, yet great way of getting to some of the main areas around Paris and you are on the water rather than land!

Buddha Bar Nightclub and Restaurant in Paris
This restaurant has a two storey dining area with rich mahogany furniture, Chinese and Japanese art, wood panelling and a giant statue of Buddha.

Les Car Rouges Buses In Paris France
The Car Rouges Buses are open topped double decker buses that take a set route around Paris stopping at the main tourist attractions.

L'OpenTour Buses In Paris France
There are double decker buses that are bright yellow and green, which are tour buses that operate in Paris, and are called L'OpenTour.

Abricadabra Th??tre In Paris France
This is a decided to centre for the childen, but the Peniche Antipode can also be rented out for a cocktail party, photo shoots, shows, weddings etc.

Espace Rambouillet In Paris France
The Espace Rambouillet is a wildlife reserve, offering a protected habitat to many species of animals, including birds of prey like falcons and eagles.

Lady of Canton or Cabaret Pirate In Paris
This is a Chinese Junk is a cabaret and music venue and is as original as you are likely to get and has a very friendly atmosphere.

Acad?mie du Spectacle Equestre at the Chateau de Versailles
The Acad?mie du Spectacle Equestre is an equestrian academy that focuses on teaching the equestrian arts and have shows for the public.

Th??tre Equestre Zingaro In Paris France
the Th??tre Equestre Zingaro combines talented performers that incorporates the human and horse together in a choreographed dance and music.

Le Caf?zoide In Paris France
Le Caf?zo?de is the only caf? in Paris which is totally dedicated to children from newborns through to the age of 16 years.

Loisirs de Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, Outdoor Leisure Centre
Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines is an outdoor leisure centre that occupies 600 hectares and has a wide range of activities for everyone to enjoy.

Activities at the Base R?gionale de Loisirs de Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines
With 600 hectares the Base R?gionale de Loisirs de Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines is an outdoor activity centre that has something for everyone.

Bar Hemingway at the Paris Ritz
The Bar Hemingway is the sort of hotel bar we all wish to relax in with a drink, but for many this can be a rare encounter.

Le Crazy Horse - Cabaret In Paris France
Le Crazy Horse de Paris is a cabaret in Paris, has become well known for its stage show that is performed by completely nude female dancers.

Le Lido de Paris - The Lido Cabaret in Paris
Le Lido de Paris is without a doubt one of the most famous cabarets in the world, and it is most recognised for the gorgeous Bluebell Girls.

Lapin Agile - Cabaret In Paris
This place became famous through the painting by Pablo Picasso that sold for many millions and is a very informal cabaret venue.

Casino Barri?re d'Enghien-les-Bains In Paris
Would you like to try your luck, well now you can with games tables from Roulette to Black Jack and Poker and slot machines at this Casino in Paris.

Paris Sud Aventure Ste Assisi
This is a treetop adventure park or forest activity park that is suitable for both adults and children from around the ages of four or five.

Brasil Tropical Cabaret Club Bar & Restaurant
This particular club offers a variety of evening entertainment where you can also enjoy the incredible traditional Brazilian cuisine with Salsa music.

Le Batofar Quayside Concerts In Paris France
Le Batofar is permanently moored, however, you can enjoy DJ's playing sounds that range from house, techno, jazz, rock, soul and many more.

Paris Davy Crocketts Aventure
This is an adventure theme park concept that consists of different sequences of fun and varied activities within the trees.

Paradis Latin Cabaret Shows In Paris
Le Paradis Latin is one of the oldest cabarets in the world and features the famous French Can-Can with a friendly atmosphere.

  -  History of the Paradis Latin Theatre In Paris

Le Curieux Spaghetti Bar In Paris
The Curieux Spaghetti Bar stands out from other restaurants in Paris, as it has its wall paper and wall decorations changed around every two months.

Le 1515 was the World Place Restaurant
The 1515 has a vast area and is an ideal venue for private celebrations, banquets, weddings along with corporate events - basically any type of get-together that you could possibly think of.

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Entertainment and Shows In Paris France
Entertainment In Paris

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